What Does the FDA Say About CBD and Pregnancy?

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Cannabidiol is a life-changing supplement for some people. CBD has recently been federally legalized, and education is growing on the supplement. CBD can aid in relieving anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, and so many other ailments. But what does that mean for pregnant people?

Despite all of the natural benefits that CBD offers, the FDA strongly advises against the use of CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding. While there is currently limited data available on the possible effects CBD may have on a developing fetus, some red flags have been raised.

Potential Birth Defects

CBD may contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol – typically no more than 0.3% – but that may raise concerns for expectant mothers. A study conducted on pregnant test animals, it shows that high doses of CBD can cause issues in the reproductive system of male fetuses.

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Additionally, CBD is not an FDA-approved supplement. Unfortunately, there are many companies that sell low-quality CBD products that are not regulated and can be contaminated.

There are reports that suggest some CBD products may be contaminated with pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and even mold. If you are consuming a CBD product, you must know where it is derived to avoid these potential contaminants.

All quality CBD products will come with a certificate of analysis. If your CBD shop cannot provide you with a COA at the time of purchase, it may be time to start shopping elsewhere.

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CBD and Breast Milk

We can expect CBD to make its way through the mother’s breast milk, eventually putting the baby at risk of consumption. According to a study posted by the National Library of Medicine in April of 2023, it can take anywhere from 6 days to 6 weeks for the body to completely rid itself of the supplement. Because that is such a broad time range, it is recommended to avoid consuming CBD/THC while breastfeeding.

The study mentioned above goes on to describe the effect that THC may have on a baby if the mother smokes while pregnant. The study concluded that motor development was reduced in marijuana-exposed infants.

No effect was found on mental development. This study does not include the effects CBD may have on motor or mental development.

Consuming Hemp Seeds While Pregnant

Hemp is a great resource for creating a wide variety of products. THC and CBD are mostly found in hemp flowers, leaves, and stems. The hemp seed only picks up minuscule traces of CBD and THC, making it of very low concern for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, according to the FDA. Cooking with hemp seeds will not induce any “high” or “stoned” feelings, but there are some benefits.

Hemp seeds contain high levels of omega-3 and omega-6. Studies suggest that the fatty acids in hemp seeds will support immune system function, and cholesterol levels and can even regulate your metabolism.

CBD And Low Birth Weight

Despite the influx of education surrounding medical cannabis supplements lately, more research is necessary to determine the effects of CBD on pregnant people.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism posted a study recently discussing the effects cannabis products may have on birth weight. It is suggested that mothers who had cannabis in their systems at the time of birth gave birth to babies with lower birth weights. This is concerning because it may cause children to grow really fast in order to “catch up.” This is referred to as postnatal-catch-up growth.

Children with postnatal-catch-up growth may grow so fast that they overcompensate – which can lead to issues later in life. Children with low birth weights are at risk for developing obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

Additional Research Is Needed

At this time, additional research must be conducted in order for us to learn the honest effects CBD can have on a pregnant person. Because CBD is a non-FDA-approved supplement, anyone can create and sell a product and say it is CBD.

The chance of consuming a low-quality supplement while pregnant is simply not worth the potential risk of compromising the health of an unborn fetus.

Has The FDA Approved Any CBD Products?

At this time, the FDA has only approved one CBD medication. This medication is known as Epidiolex – it is a purified CBD substance used to treat seizure disorders. Specifically, this medication can be used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome in children as young as 1-year-old.

Epidiolex is also successful in treating seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex. The FDA states that Epidiolex is safe and effective in treating these disorders.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD can be very beneficial in treating certain ailments in people that are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabidiol can be consumed in several different forms and provide relief to various symptoms.

Reducing Anxiety with CBD

CBD has been studied carefully, and researchers suggest that CBD can aid in relieving anxiety and depression. A 2017 study conducted by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry monitored anxiety levels in 57 men during a public speaking test.

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Some members of the study received a placebo dose of CBD, while others received 300 mg and 600 mg doses. The study concluded that the participants who received 300 mg of CBD before their public speaking test had significantly reduced anxiety in comparison to those who received the placebo dose.

Relieving Chronic Pain

Cannabidiol has recently become very popular amongst the chronic pain community. Different routes of administration offer quicker onset of relief than others.

A 2020 study was conducted in which a group of patients with brain nerve and spinal cord damage were given either CBD or a placebo dose.

The members of the study that were administered CBD showed a significant reduction in painful, cold, and itchy sensations. There were no adverse effects reported in this study.

Reducing Inflammation

Many patients have reported a reduction in inflammation once they started a routine CBD regimen. Preclinical studies suggest that CBD contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements.

It is suggested that these characteristics can aid in providing neuroprotection against various pathological conditions.

Preclinical studies surrounding the effects of CBD against Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease are underway and proving to be beneficial. However, it is still too early to officially determine if CBD is an effective treatment for these specific disorders.

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