Using Hot or Cold Therapy With CBD for Pain

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Pain is an unwelcome companion in our lives that can disrupt our lives and hinder our ability to live each day fully. Whether you are living with chronic pain, a minor injury, or joint pain, it may feel like an uphill journey to find relief. Integrating CBD with hot or cold therapy for pain management has been known to help reduce inflammation and allow you to continue with your active lifestyle while providing long-term health benefits.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of hot and cold therapy, incorporating CBD products into your pain management, and how you can potentially reduce pain through hot or cold treatment. Combining these holistic approaches has been known to promote healing and increase overall well-being. Discover which works best for you, and your sore muscles will be saying “thank you.”

Inflammation and the Role of CBD

Our body’s natural response to injury, infection, or chronic condition is inflammation. Living with prolonged inflammation may potentially cause tissue damage or increased pain. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Along with providing pain relief, CBD will also help provide a calmer mindset while navigating aching roadblocks.

The body’s endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in inflammation, immune response, mood, and regulating pain. CBD stimulates receptors within this system, helping alleviate related pain. CBD can also promote sounder sleep; those dealing with pain know how treacherous getting a full eight hours in at night can be.

When enduring stiff muscles, joint, or nerve pain, topical CBD cream is an amazing option as you can apply it to the direct point of pressure. CBD creams can also help aid sensitive skin and provide comfort to painful conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. CBD can also be taken in the form of tincture oils, capsules, or vaporizers. Implementing full-spectrum CBD into my daily supplement routine has enhanced my ability to endure difficult workouts and heal pain-related behaviors. While there are many products on the market, I find that taking 25 mg of broad-spectrum capsules works best for my lifestyle.

Ice it Out

Cold therapy, known as cryotherapy, involves applying cold temperatures to the affected area. Cold therapy for pain relief is commonly used for minor injuries such as strains, sprains, and bruising. Applying ice packs to the affected area may temporarily decrease blood flow, reduce inflammation, and numb nerve endings. Combining cold therapy and CBD can take your pain relief up a notch, enhancing the benefits of CBD and pinpointing inflammation from the root cause.

There are many techniques to incorporate CBD with cold therapy treatments. Common methods include applying forms of cold compress, an ice pack, or frozen vegetables directly from the freezer. Gently massaging CBD topical cooling cream to the affected area and applying cold therapy to the source reduces pain and provides a dual-action approach addressing inflammation while providing cooling relief at the same time.

Cold therapy is an accessible and holistic approach to reducing pain from acute injuries to chronic conditions. Athletes utilizing ice therapy to help soothe sore muscles have inspired traction to this subject. There are many topical pain relievers with CBD that can be combined with cold therapy methods to alleviate pain.

Ice therapy

Incorporating Cold Therapy Methods and CBD

What should you do if you are hoping to reduce symptoms of pain through cold therapy with the effects of CBD? Here are scientifically proven methods to combat pain and promote relaxation:

1. Cold Water Immersion

Submerging the affected area or entire body into a tub or basin with cold water and ice can reduce swelling and provide long-lasting relief. This technique in cold therapy is known as an ice bath; many professional athletes have used this approach to soothe tense or stiff muscles after intense training sessions or competitions. Prior to taking your ice baths, try taking a DocCBD Calm Tincture prior to your ice bath to help calm the nerves. Afterward, apply cooling cream for lasting effects.

2. Ice Massage

Cold treatments, such as applying ice to the point of pressure in a circular motion for several minutes, are beneficial for relieving chronic pain in a localized region. I recently purchased a facial ice roller that has helped with promoting lymphatic drainage, which aids inflammation and soreness; this product is great for anyone dealing with TMJ or trigeminal neuralgia seeking to relieve pain. After the affected area is dried, apply CBD cream to the affected area for lasting pain relief.

3. Ice Packs/Cold Packs

Less intense than an ice bath, simple and accessible, typically found in the freezer, wrap a cold or ice pack in a thin cloth and apply it to the area of pressure. The cold compress of the ice pack will provide immediate numbing; elevating the region will assist with blood flow and assist with pain relief. This method is commonly used when enduring acute injuries; taking a CBD capsule at night will help manage pain.

4. Cryotherapy Chambers

While this method may not be suitable for everyone, some are willing to go the extra step with cold treatment to relieve pain. These tanks or chambers expose the entire body to extremely cold temperatures for 2-3 minutes; while it may sound crazy, health claims have shown this ice therapy can reduce swelling tied to chronic pain.

Heat Therapy CBD

Heat it Up

Heat therapy, known as thermotherapy, involves applying heat to targeted areas to treat pain. This method relaxes muscle pain, soothes joint stiffness, and increases blood flow. Transcend your thermotherapy healing experience with approved nonprescription CBD products for long-lasting comfort and pain relief.

CBD oil is known to possess muscle-relaxing properties, combining heat therapy and a synergistic and relaxing approach. Topical CBD products with both heat and cooling factors are available over the counter and at local dispensaries. You can incorporate heat therapy and CBD oils in many different ways to reduce muscle pain and overall soreness.

Applying excessive heat can provide relaxation and comfort. Heat opens blood vessels, which can aid healing and loosen tension. The combination of hot water or a heating pad with hemp-derived CBD products promotes muscle relaxation and helps calm the mind.

Incorporating Hot Therapy and CBD

How can CBD enhance your experience with hot therapy? Your achy muscles deserve relief, so make sure to keep these four techniques in mind:

1. Hot Baths

A common approach to relieving muscle pain or discomfort is drawing a hot bath. Adding drops of CBD oils or CBD-infused bath bombs directly to the warm bath can provide added benefits to your healing. Switch it up and incorporate contrast therapy by alternating cold and hot baths in session. There is no denying a hot bath can instantly soothe muscles and relieve soreness.

2. CBD Infused Heat Patches

Heat patches infused with CBD will allow you to apply relief to the direct source of the pain; you can leave it on throughout the day or recommended time frame for convenient comfort. Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and improves range of motion. Transdermal CBD-infused patches will slowly release CBD into the bloodstream through the skin; compared to CBD topicals, these patches allow you to move forward with your day without having to constantly reapply lotion to the affected area.

3. Hot Compress

Having a heating pad or hot water bottle on hand is a necessity when seeking pain relief; however, there are other unique hot therapy methods to incorporate CBD into heat compression. Obtain a cloth or warm towel and apply a few drops from a DocCBD Calm tincture; soak the infused towel under hot water, and apply it to the affected region of pain.

4. Heating Topicals

We all wish to address the pain directly at the source; heating topicals and CBD creams can make this possible. Gently massaging the heating topical to the affected will allow blood vessels to loosen up and ease soreness caused by inflammation.

DocCBD Products

Choosing The Right CBD Products

CBD is widely accessible; there are many high-quality products and brands that offer healing properties. Consider third-party lab testing to ensure product manufacturers address safety, purity, and CBD potency and evaluate ingredients. Clinical studies suggest CBD cream could help lower pain and inflammation when applied to the skin. If you experience sensitive skin, consider looking over ingredients prior to starting your journey. It is important to understand the safety and side effects of CBD and how it interacts with your lifestyle.

Legal CBD comes in several different forms, including;

  • oils and tinctures
  • gummies
  • oral capsules or pills
  • creams, balms, or salves
  • transdermal patches

Whether you opt for ice baths or the sauna, combining CBD with these methods can offer a natural and effective solution for managing pain. From sports injuries to chronic conditions, we can all benefit from utilizing temperature and CBD in our wellness routines to increase blood flow and promote healing. Thermal therapy is a widely practiced physical therapy; CBD helps create a peaceful mindset for enduring tough health roadblocks.

The soothing effects of heat or the numbing sensation of the ice cold, CBD enhances these therapies offering relief from inflammation and relaxation. These natural solutions and methods are accessible and natural approaches to achieving total body wellness. Next time you are enduring a painful situation, look to thermal therapies for relief while incorporating the natural benefits of CBD oils.

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