Recipe: Keto Bulletproof Coffee with CBD 

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Have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? It is the way millions of people who follow the ketogenic diet start their day.  It may sound a little strange, the idea of putting butter and extra heavy cream into your coffee, but some studies have shown those fats can kick your metabolism into high gear.  Especially when consumed first thing in the morning. Studies suggest that this bulletproof coffee raises cognitive function and provides lasting energy throughout the day. 

The keto craze has been on the rise for a few years now. With education on the benefits of ketosis growing, more people are searching for keto-friendly ways to start their day. In this article, we will share why bulletproof coffee and cannabidiol (CBD) may be a “dream team” for breakfast.  And how it can help you not only burn more calories by consuming fats in the morning but also reduce inflammation with some help from cannabidiol. 

Consuming CBD with High Fat Food Sources: Does it Make a Difference?

A recent study from the University of Minnesota was published in Epilepsia.  The study examined whether eating high-fat foods after taking a dose of CBD increases the absorption (and potential wellness benefits) of CBD.  The study was conducted on patients with epilepsy at the MINCEP Epilepsy Care clinic.  Patients were provided a 99% pure CBD capsule with a high-fat meal and then on an empty stomach.

The researchers discovered that there are fewer benefits if you consume CBD on an empty stomach. However, when you take CBD before, during, or immediately after a high-fat meal, the bioavailability of the cannabidiol increases exponentially.  The dietary fats actually help your body absorb CBD more rapidly. In fact, cannabidiol was absorbed four times more effectively, according to Angela Birnbaum, professor at the College of Pharmacy and co-author of the study.  The highest amount of post-consumption (with dietary fats) was recorded at fourteen (14) times the normal absorption rate for CBD into the bloodstream.

You may not always have time for a healthy fat kind of snack or meal, especially if you prefer to take your CBD in the morning.  Which is what makes the ketogenic (keto) bulletproof coffee the perfect combination.  It is fast, easy, and can help your body absorb more potential wellness benefits from your CBD supplement every day.

Keto CBD Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

How to Make Bulletproof CBD Coffee

One of the best parts of making bulletproof CBD coffee is that you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.  To get started, you will need the following:


  • 16 oz of freshly brewed coffee.
  • 1 pad of butter (roughly ½ tablespoon).
  • A CBD tincture of your choice.
  • OPTIONAL: stevia sweetener. 

As someone who drinks bulletproof coffee almost every morning, I can share that extra heavy whipping cream is an amazing addition.  First of all, the whipping cream is high-fat.  More than half-and-half cream, there is a higher fat content in heavy whipping cream.  Accept no substitutes if you like your coffee extra creamy.  It’s delicious and gives you some additional dietary fats to ramp up your metabolism.

Butter Coffee Keto CBD


  • First, select your coffee roast and brew 16 oz into your favorite mug.
  • Add 1 pad of butter to your mug and allow it to sink and melt.
  • Add the recommended daily dose (check the bottle!) of cannabidiol tincture into your cup. 
  • You are welcome to stir your bulletproof keto coffee with a regular spoon, as the butter will eventually dissolve.
  • If you would prefer to blend your bulletproof coffee, a Nutri bullet may work better than a standard blender – but the choice is yours.

* Note that putting your bulletproof coffee in the blender will make it creamier and frothier than stirring alone. 

After your beverage has been stirred or blended, kick your feet up and enjoy. This bulletproof keto coffee is a great way to start the day and is sure to provide you with hours of energy. There are several benefits of adding a CBD supplement to your morning routine. Whether you find yourself anxious or just achy in the morning, a CBD routine may be the missing piece for you. CBD has been found to aid in relieving both anxiety and chronic pain. The caffeine from the coffee and the relieving properties of the CBD is a great combination for starting the day off right.

Bulletproof CBD coffee is also a healthier and more delicious alternative to an iced coffee from your local shop.  That’s right; you can brew a few cups, add your cannabidiol (CBD) supplement, and pour it over ice with some extra cream.  A refreshing and chill beverage you can enjoy on your way to work, with the added anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD.

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