Night Shift Sleep and CBD: 7 Ways It Can Help

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Becoming nocturnal isn’t an easy task for most of us, but many night shift workers play key roles in helping our society function. Whether they work in the medical field helping patients remain comfortable overnight or in the customer service field unloading trucks at grocery stores and stocking shelves, these jobs are crucial to a functioning society. Many night shift workers have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep –  Here are seven ways CBD can help night shift workers sleep better.

CBD can:

  • Aid in relieving anxiety and depression.
  • Reduce cortisol levels.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Help with your natural circadian rhythms.
  • Help with restless legs syndrome.
  • Act as a natural sleeping pill.
  • Be consumed in several different ways.

Staying Healthy While Working The Night Shift

Getting enough sleep is crucial to living a healthy life. One in three people will experience insomnia symptoms in their life, but that number increases for night shift workers. A consistent sleep schedule is beneficial for mental and physical health, as well as immune function! It is common to turn to sleep pills to fall asleep and stay asleep. Luckily, the options for sleep medication have expanded over the years, and there are now options that will not lead to a dependency like certain sleeping pills. 

CBD for nightshift workers

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CBD Can Help with Anxiety and Depression

Recent studies have shown that taking CBD at least one hour before going to bed can aid in falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. CBD is a non-psychoactive supplement that derives from the cannabis plant. Because CBD is effective in treating anxiety and depression, someone who stays up constantly pondering every conversation they had that week may experience relief from the anxieties allowing them to fall asleep faster. 

How Does CBD Affect Cortisol Levels?

The stress hormone known as cortisol typically peaks during the day for most people. However, people with insomnia, especially night shift insomnia,  may experience their cortisol levels peak at times they are supposed to be sleeping causing them to be restless and have trouble staying asleep.

In a recent analysis, researchers discovered that patients who took between 300 and 600 mg of CBD had significantly lower levels of cortisol than those who received a placebo dose. Doc-CBD offers sleep gummies – a tasty treat that is mixed with CBD and melatonin to help our patients achieve a deeper, more fulfilling sleep cycle.

CBD Helps Reduce Inflammation

Many night shift workers are expected to be active on their feet through all hours of the night. For someone who spends their evenings running through a hospital or lifting heavy boxes in warehouses, they may need more than just a good pair of shoes to aid in the reduction of inflammation in their joints. 

CBD is known to reduce inflammation when taken regularly. With consistent consumption of CBD, research suggests that CBD builds up in the body over time and affects the endocannabinoid systems receptors resulting in less inflammation in the joints and bones. With less inflammation to worry about, many night shift workers have found that CBD aids in their ability to fall asleep with less pain. 

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CBD and Circadian Rhythm for Night Shift Workers

Because night shift workers are disturbing their body’s natural circadian rhythm or internal clock, many overnight employees experience trouble reaching the REM cycle. Luckily, with consistent dosing of CBD, there have been positive effects on the body’s natural ability to induce REM sleep thanks to our endocannabinoid receptors. Despite several positive reviews from night shift employees who use CBD, more quality research is needed to show the long-term effects of how CBD affects circadian rhythms.

CBD and Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological condition that causes unwanted movement or twitching in the legs and is one of the most common sleep disorders in America. Researchers are in the early stages of learning how CBD can affect the nerve endings that cause leg twitching, and it is showing that CBD is reducing the body’s involuntary reaction. While more clinical research is needed to prove the link between CBD and Restless Leg Syndrome,  many patients have self-reported their findings based on how CBD affected their ability to control their nerves, and the results have been relieving.

CBD Works With Your Endocannabinoid System To Act  As A Natural Sleep Aid

As stated before, CBD is a natural endocannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. Because our bodies naturally have an endocannabinoid system, many patients have found great natural relief using just CBD. The bottom line is that CBD is a safer alternative to sleeping pills because they are naturally occurring, non-addictive, and already work with our bodily systems. (We don’t have an Ibuprofen or Tylenol system, but we do have an endocannabinoid system!)

For those who have issues achieving deep and consistent sleep, it is best to speak with your primary care provider before stopping sleeping pills and starting CBD in its place. CBD is available in several different forms, such as capsules, edibles, and tinctures – but it is also not highly regulated. When considering making the switch from sleeping pills to CBD, be sure to read up on the certificate of analysis that is provided by the company selling the product. At Doc CBD, all of our products are thoroughly tested and regulated and have passed all compliance tests. You can view our certificate of analysis for our CBD sleep gummies here

Insomnia and Night Shift Work

Different Routes of Administration

There are many different ways to use CBD, and the results may vary. For those who experience painful joints after a long shift at work, a CBD Cream may be exactly what you need. Simply rub a dime or quarter-sized amount on the tender area on a consistent basis. As your body begins to develop a tolerance for CBD, that is when you will notice a reduction in pain, inflammation, or discomfort. 

CBD is most commonly consumed orally, either in a capsule, tincture, or edible. When CBD is taken orally in any of these forms, it is important to know that you may not experience immediate relief from your symptoms. The CBD needs to build up in your system, allowing you to develop a tolerance. Your tolerance to CBD is different from tolerance as we commonly know it. When discussing tolerance, most people who build a tolerance to substances like alcohol will need more of the substance over time to feel the same effects after consistent use. Think of a CBD tolerance as a backward tolerance; your body attempts to adjust to the new cannabinoid in your system and will allow you to notice a difference within one to three weeks of consistent use. 

Another route of administration that may aid in the production of sleep is the inhalation route. CBD can be vaped or smoked, and many patients state that they can feel the effects of vaping CBD in as little as 15 minutes for up to an hour. With consistent use, the CBD will build in your body, and one hit of a CBD vape may provide relief for several hours at a time.

Despite the lack of clinical research done to show the links between CBD and sleep, the millions of patient testimonials are encouraging researchers to learn more about the long-term effects of CBD on insomnia. 


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